How to choose a car backup camera?
09.09.2020 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

When reversing, real-time images on car monitor are used to help the driver avoid obstacles behind. It is more intuitive than reversing radar, and the accuracy is also extremely high, which can effectively avoid scratches. Consider and choosing a that suits you in many ways.

The System Matches

Pay attention to the system matching of the camera and the host. This is the most important issue that can not be ignored when buying a reversing video camera. See if it is NTSC or PAL.

Photosensitive Original

The quality of the photosensitive original will directly affect the use effect of the reversing image. After some car owners have installed the reversing image, the interface is still very clear in light conditions, but once the light is not very good, the use will be affected, such as in the garage or at night, the interface will almost appear unclear This is because the quality of the photosensitive element of the car's reversing image camera is not very good. Therefore, car owners must not underestimate this when purchasing a car reversing camera, otherwise it will cause great troubles for future use.

Viewing Angle

With the continuous development of reversing images, the technology of reversing image cameras has also been greatly improved. Among the car reversing image cameras currently on the market, the wide-angle of 170 degrees is better. For example, the wide-angle of some cameras is 120 degrees. Such a smaller wide-angle will determine the visual range of the reversing image in use. The wide-angle angle is proportional to the visual range. That is to say, the smaller the wide-angle of the car’s reversing image camera, the smaller the wide angle when reversing. The smaller the visible range.

Installation Angle

Generally, the angle of the reversing image camera of a car should be slightly facing the ground. It is best for the car owner to find some love installation cases on the Internet before installation, and refer to the installation work of others for perfection Your own installation is also very beneficial. But also pay attention to when buying a camera product with a better look, otherwise it will be futile whether it is going to the sky or the ground.

The Mold of Reversing Image Camera

The car reversing image cameras currently on the market are installed with bumper holes, installed on the license plate lights, and professional molds installed at the buckle of the trunk. The owner can choose according to their expected installation location .

The Style of the Reversing Image Camera.

The same license plate light camera is installed on different car models, because the height of the car is different, it will also cause different photographic pictures. But carefully designed products will take these factors into account. For example, due to the special molds of some reversing image cameras, manufacturers have made some designs, and the angle to the ground is determined according to the height of the installation location. Such a camera will often get a clear picture after installation, and the parking marking will be quite standard.

The above is the main precautions for the car reversing camera introduced by VECLESUS Rear View Safety. I hope can help you when you choose a backup camera.
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