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VECLESUS VMS Backup Camera Kit, 7” LCD Rear View Monitor, 66FT(20M) Extension Video Cord, Super IR Night Vision Wired Backup Camera for Truck, RV, Trailer, Bus, Harvester, Boat, Yacht, Large Vehicles

▶7 inch wide screen, super night vision, IP68 waterproof rating
▶66ft(20 meters) extension cable, easy installation
▶Work perfectly on 9~36V, 1 audio input, can be added two cameras

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VECLESUS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera Kit Highlights:

▶For Large Vehicles Parking Safety - Comes with a 66ft(20M) extension video cord, widely applicable to all kinds of medium or large vehicles, can work perfectly on wide voltage 9~36V, suitable for heavy-duty and long vehicles, such as RV, motorhome, bus, cargo van, box truck, flatbed truck, bucket truck, tractor and school bus, etc. NOTE: For trailers, we recommend buying VECLESUS trailer backup camera system VMST(which include trailer kit)

▶Easy to Install - This backup camera system powered by fuse box, connected the red to ACC(9-36V), the black connect the Metal (Ground), the green connect the reverse gear circuit as a trigger power, monitor and backup camera will automatically turn ON/OFF when the vehicle is ON/OFF, different channels can set by the button on monitor, NOTE: CH2 is as reversing channel, can be triggered by the Green wire (Connection Diagram and Installation Instruction are included)

▶7 inch Rear View Monitor and 2 Channel Video Inputs - 7 Inch LCD display monitor can directly attached to dashboard or windshield with provided brackets, and the monitor also has capability to monitor two video inputs CH1/CH2. CH2 connects reverse camera, and CH1 can add a front/side camera for better safety. Additional backup camera recommended: VECLESUS VC2( ASIN: B07JQFDVFR ) or VC3( ASIN: B08C4V84D1 )

▶Wide Voltage 9-36V for Widely Used - Support Voltage Range From DC 9-36V DC Power, perfect for wide variety of all large Vehicles, especially suit for Trucks/ RVS/ Trailers/ Bus/ Harvester/ Pickup/ Motor Home/ Van and etc. No worry about the length of the cable, it is equipped with 66ft(20M) cable to meet all your needs

▶IP68 Waterproof and Super IR Night Vision - Based on IP68 Waterproof Level and CMOS Sensor will present superior clear images even on rainy days. While the IR LEDs will give low light compensation and ensure the vivid images during the night

▶Reliable service& Warranty - Our car backup camera system has 2 year Warranty and 24 hours tech support and replacement service. Any problems, please feel free to contact us via amazon or the method to contact us had highlighted on the user instruction


backup camera

Product Information:

  • Panel Size: 7" TFT LCD digital panel
  • Camera Sensor: 1/3" Sharp colour CCD
  • Resolution: 800*RGB*480
  • Brightness: 300cd/㎡
  • Screen Mode: 16:9
  • Video System: NTSC / PAL auto-detection
  • Built-in speaker, removable wide sunshade
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 100°
  • Diagonal Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Camera Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • Power Supply: DC 9~36V
  • Overall Dimensions: 5.31"(H) x 8.27"(L) x 2.95"(D)
    backup camera

    Tips for loyal customers:

    • During installation, please refer to the wiring diagram above and the user manual in the package.
    • We also offer video installation on YouTube, where you can search VECLESUS to find it.
    • Some common tools used in the installation process are:Small flat-tip screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, black electrical tape, masking tape, pliers, multimeter, pencil/ marker, electric drill.
    • Audio/Video Input: CH1, CH2, 1 Audio & Video input.


    1. Although this product is a one-to-one backup camera kit, the power cord is still equipped with two signal input 4-PIN connectors. If you need to use two cameras, please purchase our extension cord and the corresponding camera CV2.
    2. In addition, generally, the spare AV input port can also be used as channel CH3 by connecting the AV-in cord.
    3. This kit is powered by the power supply at fuse box in your vehicle cab, please find out the continuous power supply and reversing power supply with the test pencil or multimeter, then connect the red wire of the power cord to it and the black wire to the GND or iron part, green wire to reversing power supply.
    4. If you need the system for reversing only, please connect the camera to the CH2 and connect the green reversing wire to the reversing circuit.
    5. If you need the system continuous on when driving or parking, connecting the camera to CH1 and ignore the green reversing wire!OSD menu, Remote Control.


    Will I be able to install this camera system myself?

    Many people do have the handiness to install our systems without having to hire assistance. Otherwise, we recommend professional installation as they can let the system is installed correctly.

    How does the system receive power?

    This system can be worked in 9-36V, it receives power straight from the vehicle's fuse box.

User Manual 
Installation Videos for Reference * 
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[Installation Videos for Reference] * :
The products shown in some videos are not the same as the products we sold,
but the installation method is the same, you can refer to its installation method for installation,
any installation questions you can contact our installation support email: service@veclesusclub.com
we will actively help you solve your installation problems.

Shipping Company:

For Standard Shipping, we use USPS, UPS, DHL or Fedex.

Where can we deliver the package to?

We can ship to most countries in the world.


Including countries

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About Our Shipping Countries?

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About Customs Tax

Taxes for importing goods/services may be charged and regulated by the local country. VECLESUS is not responsible for covering the import tax on its products or services. The shipping rates may differ regarding the different import taxation policy. For more information, please contact your local representative. All returning costs caused by failure of receiving the packages/products will be covered by the customer.

What Shipping Methods Are Offered, and What Are the Respective Shipping Times?

All the order will need 3-4 business days for prepare and package, not including Saturday and Sunday. We will send you an email when your order has shipped. (If you have not received the email, please check the Junk Email folder or check whether the email has been rejected. Contact us via email service@veclesusclub.com if you still have not received the tracking number.)

The products will be arranged from our overseas warehouse (in US, etc.) in advance in general.

Freight Information

The shipping cost depends on the shipping country and the weight of the package, and will be displayed on the checkout page.

Payment Information

Shopping on VECLESUS official website is simple and sufficient. We accept several secured payment methods meanwhile your privacy and online security will be guaranteed.

PayPal: The most convenient payment method in the world

VECLESUS primarily uses PayPal to process secure payments. through PayPal, we accept Mastercard, visa, American express, discover, and bank transfer (debit card).

The US brand VECLESUS® is designed for commercial and industrial grades. Our products withstand the trials of the commercial and heavy industries, namely sustained vibrations, dust, dirt, and shock. It is also covered by a full replacement 1-year warranty. We also offer you full product support via our email: service@veclesusclub.com. If you are looking for a backup camera for your commercial vehicles or small heavy equipment machinery, look for the camera that works the day you need it. You will never regret your choice – VECLESUS.

▶Do you provide instruction manuals?
We do! Click here to view all of our product manuals.

▶ Do the backup camera systems work at night?
Yes - most of our backup cameras come with infra-red lights and all come with excellent night vision.

▶ Do the camera systems come with everything needed to install?
Yes, all components necessary for installation are included in our camera system packages.

▶ Will I be able to install this camera system myself? 
Many people do have the handiness to install our systems without having to hire assistance. Otherwise, we recommend professional installation as they can let the system is installed correctly.

▶ How do the systems receive power?
Most systems need just 12V power and they receive this either from the cigarette lighter or straight from the vehicle's fuse box. 

▶ Do the systems function properly in rain and bad weather?
All of our backup cameras are completely waterproof and will function perfectly in all weather conditions. 

▶ Can the camera systems remain on to view continuously while you drive?
Yes, they can. You can wire the systems to stay on as long as the vehicle is on or to come on only in reverse.

▶ With a quad view system, do you need to connect all trigger wires to see all camera views?
No, trigger wires do not need to be powered to see camera views. Simply navigate to the preset quad view option from the monitor menu.

▶ Can I customize a system?
Yes, most of our systems are customizable and all components in our wired systems are interchangeable. Custom orders can be placed at service@veclesusclub.com.

▶ Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, all of our products come with a one year warranty. An extended two-year warranty is also available for purchase.


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