Discover Backup Camera Systems for RVs
04.21.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Spring’s coming, the warmer weather welcomes a new community of drivers back to the country’s roads: as summer approach nearer, more and more RVs will arrive to celebrate the season.

RVs are rewarding to own, exciting to drive, and convenient to have on long, cross-country road trips, but their larger frames make them more difficult to pilot. Successful driving in an RV requires specialized skills and knowledge, the backup camera makes great importance. Since many of the most familiar driving maneuvers such as turning and parking are distinctly different in an RV.

At this time, backup cameras are ideal for RVers. They can be used for checking the traffic directly behind you while you drive or the rearview camera can help you back into a campsite. Some backup cameras come in color, while others are only black and white. Many rearview cameras do not have sound, either. These cameras are generally trouble-free, but in a rare occasion when it malfunctions there are a number of ways you can troubleshoot the backup camera yourself.

Check the cable wires if the monitor is not working. At times while you are traveling a plug or cable can disconnect from the camera to the monitor.

Check to see the RV is on. Look to see that the ignition is turned on and the transmission is in the proper gear (reverse).

Look at the position of the camera if you cannot see anything. If the backup camera is not in the proper position it could be blocked. Check to see that the rearview camera is turned on and that the lens is clean.

Check the volume of the microphone if your backup camera has sound, but you cannot hear anything. If the volume is at the proper level, check to see that the microphone is clean.

Adjust the controls on the monitor if the color is off or fuzzy. Check to see that the day/night switch is set properly for the time of day.

There’s no substitute for experience, but it’s wise to protect yourself as you learn, especially if you’re a new RV owner or getting used to a new vehicle’s particular issues. That’s why our company, rearview camera safety, carries a full selection of backup camera systems for RVs and hosts a wealth of information about installation, operation, and maintenance.

We employ top safety experts and connect drivers with the equipment they need to cover for blind spots and minimize risk. RV accidents can be especially dangerous, so it’s important to have protection for every angle. Contact us and we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and equipment you need to make the most of this vacation season in your RV. We’re the backup camera system experts, and we’re eager to help.