Why You Need to Drive Safely around Big Trucks
04.12.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news


Everyone driving on the road needs a license to do that. Unfortunately, a driver’s license does not always guarantee responsibility and safety on the road. 

Driving around big trucks can be dangerous, as such, extra precautions must be taken when close to it. Though most truck accidents can be inescapable, it is important to drive safely because and minimize the risk of an accident. 

Anyone driving on the highway needs to take more responsibility for driving safely and not become distracted by anything. Check out why you need to keep safe when driving around big trucks.


Large trucks have blind spots more than regular passenger vehicles and that can increase the chances of an accident. If you’re driving behind a truck, dim your lights to a standard low-level as you approach to avoid blinding the driver through their mirrors.

You should note that if you can’t see a truck’s side mirrors the driver cannot see you too. They’re not like passenger vehicles that have the luxury of rear-view mirrors and back windows that improves their visibility. You are in the danger zone if you cannot see your reflection in their mirror.

A truck’s blind spots are known as no-zones and they should be avoided as much as you can. Move ahead of the truck or slow down so the driver can see you from their side mirrors.


Big trucks, unlike the average vehicles, cannot accelerate quickly or maneuver as easily.  Its driver is at high risk because they leave themselves a margin of error if an oncoming car suddenly appears on the horizon. 

A worst-case scenario is the trucks and coming vehicles suffer a catastrophic head-on collision. This is why loading trucks poorly can eventually make traffic collisions more forceful and likely to result in severe or fatal injuries. A truck can also tip or rollover if the cargo’s weight is not properly distributed among its axles.


Truckers contend with demanding schedules that force them to spend long hours behind the wheel, often at odd hours. Many do not get enough sleep, and so they frequently feel very tired while driving. These stressors and challenges often lead truckers to engage in dangerous maneuvers and behaviors behind the wheel, and that leads to dangerous, deadly accidents.

Most trucks require a wide berth and an additional lane to make a turn, hence slowing down when their pointer is on is a good practice. This is a need to prevent any accident from occurring, or damage done to anyone’s property.

Give yourself more time and distance when driving in the rain behind a big truck. Developing a safe driving attitude is important when sharing the road with big trucks and it cannot be overemphasized. These safe practices can minimize the odds of being in an accident.