What to know before you buy baby car camera monitors
06.15.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Installation Guide Articles

What to know before you buy baby car camera monitors


Camera positioning

The best  positioning depends on your driving style and the type of headrests your car has. For rear-facing seats, baby car cameras are generally best positioned on the rear center or passenger headrest so that you can see their reflection from your rearview mirror monitor.

Quality of view

Lower-quality baby car cameras can sometimes create a warped or blurry view. That’s certainly not something you need when you depend on the product to monitor your baby quickly.

It can be wise to purchase a baby car camera monitor from a reputable seller with a decent return policy or to check the reviews for the quality of view before purchasing. Customer support is available by contacting VECLESUS through Amazon or the methods highlighted in the user manual. Your any question can be solved perfectly in 12H.

Easy installation

Generally, anything that’s easier to install means there’s less room for installation errors. This is important when it involves a product that can potentially fall and cause injury. The best baby car mirror monitor install within a couple of minutes using adjustable straps. Such as VECLESUS car baby monitor only takes 5 minutes to connect the baby camera, extension cord, mirror monitor and plug in the car charger to observe your baby moves in the back seat, even moms can install it!