Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Backup Camera Doesn’t Work
07.14.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Installation Guide Articles

Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Backup Camera Doesn’t Work

Having your backup camera stop working is, at the least, a significant headache. One thing that is refreshing to know in such circumstances is that troubleshooting is not as complex as some may think.

Why Is My Backup Camera Screen Black and White?

A faulty connection or frayed wires are the most typical causes of displays that have static.

Checking the device that provides your Internet connection can help you see if your connection is good or requires attention.

Frayed wires require attention because they are a possible safety concern. Electric shock or fires are possible when wires become frayed.

Take VECLESUS VT1 1080P Wired Car Backup Camera Kit as example, if black or blue screen, please check whether the voltage is between 9~24V, and confirm whether the extension cable is connected incorrectly. The end of the extension cable with the word "Monitor" must be connected to the Monitor, the other end with the word "Camera" must be connected to the camera, and the Pins of the connector need to be aligned before they are connected.

Why Is My Backup Camera Glitching?

Faulty cables are some of the most common reasons for backup cameras to glitch. However, there are some other causes that are worth keeping in mind.

Outdated software or drivers for the camera may cause glitches. Your instruction manual should help you determine where to update this software.

If your vehicle has had recent work, a technician may have changed some of your settings. You may want to consider servicing your camera to find out what may be the problem.

Several factors may cause a backup camera to malfunction, some of which are very easy to resolve. Knowing how to troubleshoot your camera will help you resolve problems more effectively.