The Pro’s of Wired RV Camera Systems
07.11.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

The Pro’s of Wired RV Camera Systems

Wired RV cameras is that they have no signal interference as the camera is physically connected to the monitor. The camera will deliver a clear, good signal in any conditions.

Wireless systems tend to be less reliable. The image may cut out for a number of reasons:

Other wireless devices may interfere with the signal that is transmitted from the camera to the monitor.

Transmitters may not be able to point to the receiver or monitor (as required by some systems) while maneuvering the RV at different angles out of alignment.

High speeds may affect the signal, which may be ok for slowly backing up but risky when checking blind spots on the road.

The bottom line is that a wireless system may cause loss of connection under certain conditions. However, a wired system will always deliver a clear image.

Better Quality Picture

A camera that is directly wired to the monitor can deliver a signal that contains more data and provides a better quality image. You will have a clear view of everything that is in the camera's field of vision. The picture will be sharp and focused, qualities you need to see exactly what’s going on.Such as VECLESUS VMS 7 inch backup camera kit based on IP69K Waterproof Level and CMOS Sensor will present superior clear images even on rainy days. While the IR LEDs will give low light compensation and ensure the vivid images during the night

A wireless connection can only support a limited amount of data transmission. This results in an image that is not as clear. When you are backing up into a tight spot, you don't want to make a mistake because you did not have a clear picture of everything that was behind you.