The Best RV Backup Camera Reviews
07.22.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Driving your RV in reverse is an issue for some people. Indeed, you can't do it without the best RV backup camera. Your moving abilities would be underemphasized if you are stuck on a chaotic road or a limited corner. Then again, a backup camera can ensure that you and your RV can leave away the present circumstance easily and securely.

If you got a RV, there is a decent possibility that there are not rearview cameras on RV. Obviously, there is a need to install backup camera on RV. Actually like I said before, using the rv's rearview camera, you can easily bypass any road obstacle inside the blind spot.

The risk of hitting people, especially children, has a high risk if you do not install a backup camera in your RV. It is a widespread accident in the United States. And although none of these cases are fatal, it is still a important thing that you need to pay attention.

So what are the best choices for an RV backup camera? Let us make a recommend, and see what is suit for you. 

Type of Choosing An RV Backup Camera

There are mainly two kinds of RV camera system in the market. Wireless system and wired system, no mater whch type backup camera you prefer for, these elment in follows of camera should catch you attention. Without a technical explanation, it is obvious that wired backup cameras are using cables for connection. The camera installed on the bumper is connect to the monitor inside the driving cabin by cables. On the other hand, wireless RV backup cameras, the connection is the antenna of wireless transmitters and receivers.

Angle of a RV Backup camera

One of the most important rearview camera is the angle, in another word, is the field of view. There is a wider field of view of backup camera, there is a lesser blind spots. If it cannot offer you a wide vision, that would not be a qualified camera. Therefore, it is best to get a backup camera that the field of view exceeds 120 degrees.

Quality of Images

Another thing is the quality of camera image. The display of monitor should be bright and full of colors. The image should be also clear, sharp and detailed. If you want to see the tiny obstacles, you need to capture vivid image. For backup cameras, infrared LEDs can ensure the quality of display. LED lights are also a necessary for backup camera to function perfectly in dark or dim environments. 


The wired camera, you need to instal more cables on vehicle. Installation requires some degree technology, there may be a difficulty for smoe people who know nothing about circuit technology. But installing a wireless camera is relatively easyer.

And if you are planning to get a wireless backup camera, always pay attention to the interferences. This point is a crucial issue to the overall functionality of the camera. If there's an interference, the transmission of images will be interrupted. Of course, there are always interfering signals. Your smartphone, WiFi devices, and other digital devices which can disrupt the transmission signal of the receiver and transmitter of the camera are everywhere in our life.

Best RV Backup Camera On The 2021 Market

Wireless backup camera system

      Model No.:VMW7

  • 1080 P 7 inch universal wireless kit
  • 7 inch IPS color TFT LCD screen
  • Built-in wireless transmitter and receiver
  • 1 channel 2.4Ghz wirelss 1080 P video signal input
  • 1 tragger control, with parking guidline
  • 200M wireless transmission distance in open area
  • Camera Viewing angle: 149 degrees
  • Power supply:12V-24V
  • Price: $229.99














Wired backup camera

      Model No.:VMH

  • 7 inch AHD universal kit
  • High definition ISP screen with 149 degrees view angle
  • 3 channel 1080P/720P/CVBS/mixed cameras input
  • Camera: 1 PC 1080P heavy camera
  • Cable: 1 PC 20M 4pin extension cable
  • Power supply:12V-24V
  • Price: $219.99












Final Tips

It is an essential equipment for every RV owers to have a best RV backup camera. If you do not have one on you RV, then you'd better to get one as soon as you can. By having a backup camera in RV, you can always drive your vehicle safely, wherever and whenever you are driving.