Rear view camera installation Guide for Samll Cars
09.24.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Most backup cameras are equipped with user installation instructions. It is suggested that you check the guide before installing the backup camera. Reverse cameras can be used in all sizes and shapes to meet your personal preferences. Having a thought of that’s about to assist you within the installation method is equally necessary. Not every first-time users will simply get them put in when reading the guides. Some makers create these backup camera guides out there. You merely have to be compelled to perceive them and recognize the rearview camera assorted parts.

Here is the steps to install our Veclesus rearview camera system in the cars. It is very easy to install it without drilling and extra cables.

1Connect the monitor cable with the backup camera cable with the exasted cable

2. Connect the Backup Camera green reverse wire to the reverseing light


3,Connect the positive and negative power provide wire of backup camera installation with the fuse box or use the car charger to get the power.

Note: Car charger is an easier way to get power supply. You can turn off/on when you want it.

4,Get power, the backup camera will work when you backing up.

The backup cameras are also very easy to install. It is designed for install on the Vehicle license plate directly. No need to drilling a hole.

The systems are a supplementary funciton only. It is the reasponsibility of the driver to always check the inside/outside rear veiw mirrors and the area behind the vehicle before and while backing up because there is a dead zone that can’t be seen by the backup camera. Always keep the rearview camera lens clean. If lens is covered with foreign matter, the camera may not operate normally.

If you’ve recently purchased a rearview camera system from our Veclesus, please go through these simple directions to be told the way to install a rear read safety camera install Guide. Installation will sometimes be done by the client, and that we supply a support to help.