How useful is it to install backup camera system? Large trucks need to install reverse system?
03.03.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

The body of a large truck is very long, whether it is turning or reversing, there will be a blind spot. How useful is it to install backup camera system? Large trucks need to install backup camera system? The development of technology is getting faster and faster. Reverse images have long been the standard for automobiles. After all, this can provide drivers with a better view to reduce blindness.

Area. There is no accident at the blind spot. However, for large trucks, the installation of reverse images is indeed necessary, but there are some disadvantages. Why are you said that? Large trucks are not dirtier than cars, and trucks need to be loaded. If it is dirty, it is easy to hit the opposite image.

Ordinary cameras are not up to this working environment, which involves the cost of use. When the semi-trailer turns, the body will bend and all the mirrors are invisible. Even if there is

You can't see the camera either. Of course, if you have money, you can install a few more groups. In addition, unless you leave the factory, you can add more lights,

And said that you may have to face fines for modifying the vehicle. Some people say that even with seven or eight cameras and seven or eight monitors, drivers with low safety awareness

In other words, it is also a decoration. For real driving, more displays will have an impact on driving safety.

This is also reasonable. Although some accidents are caused by blind spots, technical problems and other problems of the driver are not ruled out. So that’s the reason why trucks don’t installing reverse image.