How to Use a Backup Camera Correctly
06.24.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

How to Use a Backup Camera Correctly

Make sure you follow the installation instructions for your specific model.

For some model, like VECLESUS VC1 License Plate Backup Camera, can be directly installed on car license plate with original screws, recommended to be powered by reversing light.

Remember that a backup camera is an added safety feature, not a replacement for using your eyes.

Before backing up, always make sure that you’ve walked behind your car to check for objects behind the vehicle. Even the best backup cameras can still miss objects lying on the ground or underneath your bumper. When you get into your car, check over your shoulders and in your side and rearview mirrors before putting your car into reverse. Then, as you back up, continue to monitor your surroundings, your side mirrors and your camera image.

Know how to read between the lines.

Most backup cameras utilize stoplight-colored lines on the display. (Be sure to check your preferences for the guidance lines in your device settings before use.) The VECLESUS VC1 backup camera comes with a green coil on the tail wire of the camera. Cut it, the parking guideline will disappear, keep it, the parking guideline is on. And up to 149 degrees viewing angle provides a complete view of the rear of the car.

Get the right backup camera for your lifestyle.

Not all backup cameras are created equally. You’ll want to ensure that yours is rugged enough to withstand the elements (remember that it will be living on the outside of your car), can transmit data far enough to be reliable in the driver’s seat and can pair with your navigator to avoid too many screens on the dash.