How to install the Veclesus VT1 backup camera on your car?
06.02.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | User Manual


How to install the Veclesus VT1 backup camera on your car?


Car technology has advanced drastically over the years, which makes driving more convenient. Even featuring autonomous driving, modern vehicles come with plenty of amenities, such as rear view cameras.

But what if your car didn't come with one or a new car isn’t in the budget? Luckily, installing a backup camera on your vehicle is a lot easier than you may think.

This is done by attaching a small camera to the exterior of your vehicle, allowing you to see what's behind you. Here's how you can do it.



1) Remove the screen protector.
2) Clip the monitor to the rearview mirror.
3) Connect the car charger power cable and extension cable(the end that with word "monitor")


1) Remove the original screws of the license plate.
2) Install the camera to the license plate and adjust the camera angle by multi-purpose screwdriver.
3) Connect the camera to the extension cable (the end that with word "camera")
4) Please note that in rare states, the length of the camera may block the expiration date in the upper right corner of the license plate, and our products may not work if explicitly prohibited by law.

Wire Connections

1) Use the plastic crowbar to make the wire easy to be plugged in the gap.
2) Connect the green reversing wire to the positive terminal of the reversing light (if you need to keep a continuous observation, just ignore this wire).
3) Different models have different routes to connect the camera reversing wire to the reversing light, we recommend you search for YouTube videos on how to install the backup camera on the corresponding model to refer to the installation.