How to deal with rearview camera blurry?
06.07.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | User Manual

How to deal with rearview camera blurry?


Blur is caused by several reasons. Nonetheless, here are tested and trusted ways of dealing with a blurry rearview camera.

Clean The Camera

The first and most common cause is dirt, moisture, and grime. These can cover your camera lens and cause a reduction in transmission quality. To tackle this problem, clean the lens with a microfiber. Apply a cleaning agent (chemical) to the lens and clean it thoroughly, but gently with the microfiber.

Repair Faulty Connections

The second solution is repairing any damage or broken cable running from the front of the car to the rear. Trace the wires carefully for split and break. Properly join the wires back and cover with tape. You should also check your fuse box for any blown-out fuse. Replacement is cheap and easy.

Upgrade your Rearview Camera

Damaged beyond repair? Find an upgrade to your rearview mirror here. They are inexpensive and pack a ton of features for everyday use.

Conclusively, cleaning a rearview camera lens is easy as long as you follow the recommended instructions from your manufacturer. Don’t use harsh chemicals and only use microfiber and the recommended cleaning agent when cleaning the lens. Also, remember to brush and dust the lens before commencing any thorough cleaning.