How a Backup Camera assist helps drivers avoid backing crashes
10.21.2020 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

The NHTSA reports that backup accidents kill an average of 267 people and injure 15,000 each year. 60% of these accidents involved larger vehicles and larger blind spots. The Highway Safety Insurance Association compared blind spots between vehicles and measured how backup cameras improved line of sight. Larger vehicles naturally have large blind spots, and even the best training on how to use the rear view mirror while driving may not be enough. Fortunately, spare cameras were found to reduce blind spots by an average of 90%.


For the less fortunate, they think they look good enough and then suffer a disaster, and backup cameras can help them avoid that.


No More Blind Spots


The rear-view camera helps drivers see better behind them when reversing, and the parking sensor warns when the vehicle is too close to another car or another car. Rear intersection alerts warn drivers that approaching vehicles may cross their path when regressing. The rear automatic braking system detects objects behind the reverse and may automatically brake if, for example, the driver does not pay attention to the parking warning.


Help when you're stuck in traffic


Have you ever experienced traffic jams or need backups? You're almost scared because you know you don't have much work space and don't want to go back.
Spare camera! It ensures that you can back up securely so that you always know how much space is left.


Watch Out for Little Ones


Unfortunately, any child or pet less than 3 feet tall is at greater risk of being invisible to the backup car. Cars equipped with life-saving reversing cameras help avoid this danger and prevent possible accidents. The results were terrible. That's enough.
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