Drive Safe with the Baby Car Monitor
06.28.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Installation Guide Articles


Drive Safe with the Baby Car Monitor

As parents, we know that fragile babies are at an increased risk of injury in car accidents, which is why it is mandatory to have an appropriate infant car camera fitted in the backseat of cars.

The good news is, with the baby car monitor, you can stay focused on the road – keeping you, your baby and others on the road safe.

How does it work?

A small camera, attached to your baby’s seat, sends high-definition video to monitor mounted on your car’s dashboard. This enables drivers to quickly glance at the monitor. What’s more, the camera is super night vision, which means you can also have clear vision when driving at night.

Is it easy to use?

The baby car monitor couldn’t be easier to install and use. Only takes 5 minutes to connect the camera, extension cord, monitor and plug in the car charger to observe your baby in the back seat, even moms can install it!

Is it safe to use in a car?

The baby car monitor complies with traffic laws, it’s regarded as a driver’s aid, just the same as a GPS unit.

Is there a warranty?

The product comes with a two-year replacement warranty. Customer support is available by contacting VECLESUS or the methods highlighted in the user manual. Your any question can be solved perfectly in 12H.


Baby car monitor features:

High quality In-car monitoring system

Clear day and night vision

Easy to install and operate

Complete peace on mind

4.3'' HD colour monitor

2 year replacement warranty


Driving safely is so important – for both you and your baby.

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