Car Essentials When You Have A Baby
05.30.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Car Essentials When You Have A Baby

Children's safety is very important, these car accessories can improve children's driving safety

Baby car seat

Make sure you always put your baby into their car seat from the pavement side of the car. Use a car seat for as long as your baby fits into it, as these offer better protection in the event of a car accident.

Baby camera monitor

In the first couple months of a baby’s life in the car, they will be facing the rear of the automobile, meaning that you won’t be able to see what’s happening inside the car seat. With a rear seat camera you’re able to monitor the baby at a glance while giving yourself peace of mind.

Veclesus 1080p baby car monitor features as follows:

  • ▶ Easy Installation - The baby car monitor is upgraded to a clip-on installation for both old and new cars, only takes 5 minutes to connect the baby camera, extension cord, mirror monitor and plug in the car charger to observe your baby moves in the back seat, even moms can install it!
  • ▶ 2022 Latest Upgrade - Upgrade the strap installation of the baby car camera to be replaced with car headrest bracket clip installation, 3mm(0.12in) diameter extension cord design can achieve hidden installation, beautiful and easy to use.
  • ▶ Clear and No Delay Images - 1080P and starlight night vision car baby camera based on SONY camera sensor chip, making the images vivid and without any delays, even in low-light conditions you can clearly see your child's every move in the back seat. (NOTE: Need to turn on the back seat night light when there are almost no street lights and no lights in the car.)
  • ▶ 149-degree Wide Viewing Angle - This car baby monitor kit is equipped with two camera brackets that can be mounted under the headrest bars of the front or back seats, or on the side windshield using suction cup brackets, the camera's viewing angle can be adjusted at will, you can see almost everything in the back seat.
  • ▶ Best-in-Class Customer Support - Customer support is available by contacting VECLESUS through Amazon or the methods highlighted in the user manual. Your any question can be solved perfectly in 12H. (NOTE: Each product has been tested by us before being shipped out. If there is any problem with the product you received, please contact us in time for exchange and refund services)


Sun Shades

Keep the sun out of your sweet baby’s eyes with these practical and removable sun shades. Not only are they affordable and able to be found just about anywhere, they are super durable and will last for years

A Reminder That Your Child is in the Car

Some new cars come with child reminder door chimes that alert you to check the back seat for a child just in case you forget.