02.23.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

If you’re reading our blog, you probably already know that car backup camera wiring diagrams can be difficult. Wiring diagrams can be found in the vehicle’s service manual. Wiring diagrams of backup camera is different from model to model, Therefore, a basic backup camera installation guide for your car is necessary. As a considerate backup camera company, such as us Veclesus, which will provide in depth and detail instructions for you.

Even without the wiring diagram for your car, auto repair shop can help you get the right equipment with detailed instructions for easy DIY installation. 

Why need backup camera installation?
Before you can start, you need to have a sense of where the backup camera is going to go. You might be relocating your current rearview camera, replacing a broken camera, adding a new monitor or additional location— there’s a lot of options. The process of installation will vary based on the type of installation, for example, the relocation, the replacement, or the addition of rearview cameras or monitors.

Common reasons for using a wiring diagram include but are not limited to:

Replacing a broken backup camera
Adding cameras to improve safety
Relocating a factory standard rearview camera to a better position
Replacing the monitor

If you’re relocating, replacing, or adding rearview cameras to any of these mounting points, the wiring diagram will be helpful for installation.

Mount the Monitor
The monitor can be mounted to your rearview mirror or mounts to your dashboard. In either condition, following the mounting instructions that come with the device which is your best bet. If all ways are failure, this backup camera installation guide can be very helpful.

Connect the extensiopn cable to the monitor. You may also need to run a power wire up to your monitor, Or even power it through the same source as the backup camera. (The installation way varys from different model.)

If the monitor requires it, you’ll likely need to install a fuse tap, which will allow you to connect the bare wiring of your monitor to the power of your fuse box. sometimes the car charger may sole the problem. 

Mount the Camera
If you haven’t already created mounting points for the rearview camera, now, is the right time. Once you’ve drilled the appropriately sized holes, mount the camera itself to the surface of plate number, and connect the appropriate wires (extension cable and green reverse wire) according to instructions provided, and you are ready to go!