12.30.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Backup cameras are one of the most significant innovations in automotive safety since anti-lock brakes. For people who use them, they’ve become an essential tool for parking, as well as having other useful features. They are especially useful for drivers with large vehicles like trucks and RVs to maneuver through difficult parking situations, and aligning trailers and vehicles for hitching with ease.

Since you rely on your backup camera to protect the safety of your vehicle, passengers, and cars and pedestrians around you, you should protect your rearview camera too!

Unfortunately, while rearview cameras are made to be exposed to the elements, they can become damaged and dirty, reducing their functionality. Instead of constantly cleaning, repairing, or replacing your backup camera, protect it with a backup camera cover!

The Benefits of Backup Camera Covers
Treating your backup camera with a cleaner and a liquid repellent solution can be helpful, but that’s not always enough to keep rearview cameras clean and protected from damage. The solution is to shield your backup camera with a backup camera cover.

Benefit 1. Backup Camera Covers Keep Backup Cameras Clean
If you find yourself having to constantly clean your rearview camera, a camera cover can help keep it clean. Covers shield from water, slush, ice, mud, dirt, oil, and other grime from accumulating on the lens. If you’re doing a lot of driving in unfavorable road and weather conditions and making lots of stops, you’ll want a clean backup camera, but it’s probably going to get really dirty, and a cover can help.

Here’s what the main functions of a backup camera cover are:

They shield the lens so you don’t have to keep cleaning it
They can provide additional stability for the rearview camera
They prevent debris and damage from blurring the backup camera
Some backup camera covers are also automatic cleaners, so you don’t have to get out and constantly clean it if the lens becomes obscured with dirt and grime.

Benefit 2. Backup Camera Covers Protect in A Collision
A cover can protect the backup camera itself in the event of a collision. A backup camera can help prevent collisions when you’re reversing, but it can’t prevent all kinds of accidents. If your car is in an accident, the reaview camera can be damaged from the impact. As if dealing with a fender bender weren’t bad enough, it’s an added trouble to have to repair or replace your backup camera because someone damaged it.

Benefit 3. Backup Camera Covers Prevent Scratches & Dings
Camera covers protect your backup camera from scratches, cracks, and chips from rocks and other small hard debris on the road. The same things that can crack a windshield, scratch the paint, or put a hole or get stuck in a tire can make contact with the camera and damage it, obscuring its vision and prompting repair or replacement.

Backup Camera Covers Got Your Back
No matter what your current situation is, you should not use a damaged backup camera or scratched lens because partially obscured and unreliable vision can result in a serious accident. Replacing the camera or repairing it and installing a cover is a good protective measure. If you have a backup camera that’s not in good condition, we can help. Camera Source has a huge variety of OEM and aftermarket cameras that are designed to suit any need. Get in touch with us or start browsing our inventory today!