Backup Camera or Digital Rearview Mirror Dashcam
07.20.2022 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Backup Camera or Digital Rearview Mirror Dashcam


Nowadays, driving safety is very important to us. When shopping for safety auto parts, you will choose backup camera or dashcam? What are the pros and cons between them? 

Backup Camera

Backup cameras are usually installed outside the vehicle, right above the license plate, so that it won’t be blocked by any cargo in the vehicle or get affected by the dirt on the back windshield. Such as VECLESUS VC1 License Plate Backup Camera, come with latest CCD camera chips that provide HD vivid video. The camera has a IP68 high waterproof rating which can work functionally in all weather conditions. 2 LED lights full-color night vision function, more conducive to distinguish objects in the dark, allowing you to quickly respond to danger.

Digital rearview mirror dashcam

Beyond the basic backup camera functions, to expand the driver’s field of vision and ensure backup safety, digital rearview mirror dashcams have another attractive feature that backup cameras don’t have which is the recording ability. If backup cameras are designed to prevent you from damaging other vehicles and hurting people, digital rearview mirror dashcams also help to safeguard your own vehicle while you are gone, as well as protecting you from insurance scams in the event of a car accident dispute. Because the accident detection feature ensures that any event that happens either while you are driving or after your vehicle is parked will be recorded and locked so that you can have peace of mind driving without keeping an eye on your vehicle all the time.