5 Factors You Have to Look When Buying an Observation Camera for Your RV
09.16.2021 | VECLESUS® Rear View Safety | Rear view safety industry news

Whether you are searching for a wireless or wired RV observation or backup camera system, it is necessary to be fully aware of all your options, consider these factors to boost your chances of making a wise purchase.

Backup or Observation

One point that I'll throw out is to make sure you decision if you want just a "backup camera" or an "observation camera" and know the difference. The backup camera is meant to be tied to the use of reverse and only for backing up. The observation camera is a constant on if the travel trailer lights are on and meant to be used for backing up and to act as a rear view mirror of sorts as you are driving down the highway. But our veclesus system have the function of both "backup camera" or an "observation camera" They are only different installation and setting ways.

Image Quality

With a high-quality color screen, you do not need to view black and white pictures or blurry images all the time. Better image quality means that you can easily see all of the things that go behind your vehicle, it lets you see clearly whether your vehicle's tires are flat, if there is an animal, which interferes when you are backing up, and if it is the proper parking place. When it comes to determining the quality of the image, remind yourself that the wireless antennas, lens, and screen will decide the pictures quality.

Night Vision

Go for an RV rear view camera system with a night vision. Remember that you will not only park your vehicle in daytime. You can use this feature during those instances when you need to back up your RV safely in dusk, dawn, night, or darkness. The majority of rear view camera systems also utilize infrared LEDs, therefore offering visibility even during those situations when you are dealing with a low light condition, which is very inportant. With the night vision capability of the camera, you will be able to see clearly when parking.

Water Resistance

Another vital factor which need to consider is that when buying a good wired or wireless backup camera system for RV is its ability to resist the rain. The waterproof feature of the rear view camera is essential, especially if your vehicle often exposed to various outdoor weather conditions for a prolonged period.

Viewing Angle

The width of the backup camera viewing angle is also extremely important as it helps a lot to you could see behind. In most cases, backing up or reversing your RV requires you to have a wider field of view to guarantee your own safety. However, the viewing angle is not the wider the better because a wider viewing angle will distort the pictures on the screen, If you want a good performing backup camera, then go for models with a 130-degree field of view, like our eyes, we have a horizontal 135 degrees.


Choosing the best RV backup camera is not an easy thing as there are several factors and features you have to take into account. If you face confusion during the selection process, you can refer to all the info in this article to pick up a suitable observation camera system for your RV and guarantee safe and convenient driving.

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